Lulu and Laurie (Lulu’s business partner) became close friends fifteen years ago. It is a unique story and special bond – one that is intimately entwined with LULU DK.  Laurie had been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that would shake her life for the next six years. The road to recovery would include enduring countless surgeries, but after the initial operation, the doctors warned her that they were almost certain she would lose her sense of smell. It was after hearing about this that Lulu created a book of “smells” for Laurie to keep as a reminder of all of her favorite scents, filling it with poems, paintings, and the memories and pleasures each smell represented to her and her loved ones.  After this expression of love, Lulu and Laurie were fast friends.  Laurie went on to have many complications – meningitis, infections, returning tumors – until she met her surgeon, Dr. Peter Costantino, who patched her up quite well and then fell in love! They are now married with a five year old son of their own and three daughters from his previous marriage. 

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At the same moment that Laurie was beginning full recovery, Lulu was launching her fabric business, LULU DK. The two decided to become business partners and started running the company out of the guest bedroom of Lulu’s New York City apartment.  For the past fifteen years, LULU DK has grown and prospered, yet something was missing. “We finally decided that it was time to give back to other children suffering from the same type of debilitating brain tumors,” recalls Laurie. The idea was then born to create t-shirts that could earn enough revenue to help make a difference to these children and their families. LULU DK will donate a percentage of each shirt sold to the New York Head and Neck Institute Foundation, where all money goes directly to aiding patients in need. “We got a little carried away and added a few more things to our shop,” states Lulu with a smile, “but we are incredibly proud of the tees.”

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